Romania Discovery Adventure

Tour Specs

Base pricing:
€ 2,140
Days: 11
Riding days: 9
Rest days: 2
Next Period Available: September, 13th 2019 - September, 21st 2019
( 9 days/ 8 nights )
Sep 13
Sep, 13th 2019 - Sep, 21st 2019
from € 2,140
Tour key points
  • Skill Level Required
    Intermediant or above
  • Bike
    rental bike( Bmw, Honda CRF1000L )
  • Tour Type
    Less offroad, more touring
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    aprox. 2151 km
  • Daily rides
    154 - 351 km
  • Start city
  • End city

Tour Info

Select start date:
September, 21st 2019 ( 9 days / 8 nights )
Select your package:
BMW R700 GS / BMW R 800 GS

1 rider

shared double room

BMW R700 GS / BMW R 800 GS

€ 2140 Total price

1 rider

private single room

BMW R700 GS / BMW R 800 GS

€ 2320 Total price

1 rider + 1 pillion

shared double room

BMW R700 GS / BMW R 800 GS

€ 3020 Total price

1 rider

shared double room


€ 2240 Total price

1 rider

private single room


€ 2410 Total price

1 rider + 1 pillion

shared double room


€ 3175 Total price

1 rider

shared double room

BMW R1200 GS LC /

€ 2320 Total price

1 rider

private single room

BMW R1200 GS LC /

€ 2490 Total price

1 rider + 1 pillion

shared double room

BMW R1200 GS LC /

€ 3255 Total price

Romania Discovery Adventure An epic journey through beautifull Romania landscapes and roads.

This Kulturide Adventure Tour invites you to ride the best roads in Romania, while exploring the true culture and tradition of this land. This tour was born from the curiosity to discover what’s beyond the main touristic destinations. We want to take you in a real adventure where we explore both famous mountain roads and exciting side trails, both medieval cities and ancient remote villages. We will taste the traditional food, interact with the locals and lose track of time on spectacular mountain paths. It’s a perfect combination of culture and riding, of famous destinations and spirit of adventure. We’re not just checking destinations off a bucket list but we’re enjoying the journey and every second of riding. Whould you like to join us?

Meet the guides

kulturide-Radu Constantin Radu Constantin


Riding Adventure
  • Transalpina – the highest mountain road in Romania
  • Transfagarasan – the most famous curvy road in the country
  • Transrarau - the third most amazing mountain road in Romania
  • Transylvania - the magical land beyond the mountains
  • Apuseni Natural Park - the wildest landscapes of the Carpathians
Cultural Experience
  • Traditional villages of Maramures - the last peasant culture in Europe
  • Attractions of Bukovina region – part of UNESCO heritage
  • Rosia Montana - 2000 year old Roman galleries
  • Sapanta Merry Cementary
  • Medieval city of Sibiu
  • Bucharest, capital of Romania
  • Traditional cuisine

Romania Discovery Adventure itinerary

Day 1: Warm up ride

We get up in the morning feeling excited about the new Kulturide adventure we’re launching on. We leave the Capital and start big, with the curvy roads in Lepsa region. This is a beautiful area in the Carpathian Mountains, which is gaining popularity with bikers for its excellent turns and twists.

We cross the mountains straight into the heart of Transylvania and have a peaceful evening in a little town, famous for its spas and mineral waters.

  • Distance: 351km
  • Itinerary: Bucharest to Baile Tusnad

Day 2: Amazing winding roads

Today we adventure on the dam of Bicaz Lake - the biggest artificial lake in Romania and without a doubt, one of the most wonderful in the country. We make a quick stop for a brunch. The place we know there has a panoramic view of the surroundings: the lake, the valley and the mountains, and it’s easy to lose track of time.

We jump back on the saddle and we cross Transrarau Road (also known as 'The Treasures' Road) – the third most impressive mountain road in Romania after the Transalpina and Transfagarasan (which we’ll ride on later on this tour).

The night finds us in the historical region of Bukovina wondering what other fascinating roads can tomorrow bring.

  • Distance: 318km
  • Itinerary: Baile Tusnad to Gura Humorului

Day 3: Unique culture

After 2 amazing days of riding across the mountains, it’s time to take a bite of the Romanian traditions.

In the morning we visit the medieval monastery of Voronet, also named "the Sistine Chapel of the East" after its impressive paintings in unique blue colors.

Back on the road, we ride through Maramures Mountains Natural Park, an area of great ethnographic heritage, rural culture and century-old tradition.

We visit the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, a place reflecting the spiritual mind of the ancestors which believed the death to be only the beginning, not the end. The cemetery has blue wooden crosses with painted images and humorous short poems describing the deceased.

We have a delicious traditional dinner and spend the night in the little village of Breb, a magical place which will steal your heart. Here we will find “the last peasant culture in Europe”. Maramures villages are famed for their monumental wooden gates, guarding the entry to the houses, and the unique wooden churches.

  • Distance: 277km
  • Itinerary: Gura Humorului to Breb

Day 4: Adventure Riding in Maramures

We already had a wonderful Kulturide experience and we’ve only seen half of it.

We spend this day getting lost between these remote traditional villages, riding on small one way roads and enjoying the peace and beauty. We’ll have a true adventure riding day, exploring and discovering, while losing track of time.

The contact with reality will be restored in the evening, when we reach the famous city of Cluj – a multicultural, youthful city, with many events and festivals.

  • Distance: 193km
  • Itinerary: Breb to Cluj Napoca

Day 5: Heart of Transylvania

After this city break we continue our motorcycle tour into the heart and soul of Transylvania. The land beyond the forests is protecting some of the wildest landscapes of the Carpathians.

We catch a late morning riding the magical valleys near the city while heading towards Apuseni Natural Park. We will ride our motorcycles on tarmac and gravel trails to the fairytale lands of Belis Lake, Calineasa Monestary and Scarisoara Glacier. You will love every bit of it and wish for more.

This great riding adventure will take us to Rosia Montana - a 2000 year-old historic village in the mountains, sitting on Europe's largest known gold deposit.

  • Distance: 154km
  • Itinerary: Cluj Napoca to Rosia Montana

Day 6: Easy sightseeing day

In the morning we will explore the village of Rosia Montana and discover the 2000 year old Roman galleries but also the modern controversial difficulties of the community.

Back on our motorcycles, we ride away from this beautiful paradise to reach another part of our adventure tour. We arrive early to the historical city of Sibiu and have plenty of time to explore the old medieval town, the remains of medieval walls and towers, the wonderful architecture and cobbled squares.

  • Distance: 196km
  • Itinerary: Rosia Montana to Sibiu

Day 7: On top of the world

The day we reach the top of the world has finally arrived. Transalpina (also known as the King’s Road) is the highest road in Romania, crossing the Carpathians, and the most exciting road for motorcycle adventurers. Breathtaking views, high mountain passes, alpine lakes and forests will light your heart and set your wheels on fire. The enthusiasm will grow higher as we ride past the Urdele Pass and the scenery widens. Long distance mountain peaks, flocks of sheep, cooling winds and the silence will make you feel like on top of the world.

In the evening we return to Sibiu and enjoy the vivid city center once again.

  • Distance: 345km
  • Itinerary: Sibiu to Transalpina and back

Day 8: The legend of Transfagarasan

We finish this Kulturide motorcycle tour in grand style, with one of the most famous roads there is: Transfagarasan. Tens of tight curves together with alpine scenery will raise your excitement and make you lean your motorcycle passionately. Before we reach the highest point at Balea Lake we can enjoy the most spectacular view of the majestic valley we left behind. We ride through the Capra-Balea tunnel which will take us on the other side of the mountain. After such a fantastic ride we get back to the capital for one last evening together.

  • Distance: 317km
  • Itinerary: Sibiu to Bucharest via Transfagarasan

Day 9: Don’t be a stranger

Sadly the Kulturide adventure has come to an end.

After such an amazing ride and interesting experience you have become a true kulturider, just like us. So don’t be a stranger, keep riding around the world and maybe someday, we’ll meet again.

Romania Discovery Adventure services

What’s included:

A BMW or HONDA motorcycle rental

Unlimited mileage

Experienced guide

Technical assistance 24/7

Comprehensive vehicle insurance for motorcycles

Third-party liability insurance for motorcycles

Support van for luggage transportation and space for passengers during the entire tour (if there is a minimum of 5 participants on the tour)

GPS (on request)

Roadmaps (on request)


Hotel information

9 nights’ accommodation

Entrance fees for all tourist attractions

Transfer to and from Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP) Bucharest

Daily breakfast

Welcome pack

Not included:

Flight tickets

Motorcycle fuel

Beverages and meals (except breakfast)

Rental bike deposit (starting from 1000 EUR)

All services not mentioned as included and all items of a personal nature

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